My father, Juaquin Garcia, was born August 16, 1953 in Guahara, Cuba. Juaquin can to the United States on November 19, 1967.
     Juaquin, while at the University of Miami metMartha Acosta. Juaquin and Martha soon after fell in love and got married on July 21, 1973. Juaquin and Martha had only one son in 1975.
     A few years after the birth of their son, David, Juaquin had a very terrible accident which damaged his back. But with the help of Martha, Juaquin was back on his feet a few months after.
     Sadly two years after the birth of David Juaquin and Martha got Divorces.

My GrandFather: Raul Garcia
My GrandMother: Sara Licor

David Garcia
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