My mother, Martha Acosta, came to the United States at the age of 9 years old on January 6, 1951. Martha practically grew up in Miami all her life. She only has memories of her childhood in Cuba. Living in the U.S. Martha made use of all her new opportunities found in her new home. Martha went on to graduate from Miami Senior High with honors. She went to the University of Flordia, the University of Miami, and finally graduated with a Master Degree in Psychology from Florida International University.
     Martha, while at the University of Miami met Juaquin Garcia. Juaquin and Martha soon after fell in love and got married on July 21, 1973. Juaquin and Martha had only one son in 1975.
      But sadly two years later Juaquin and Martha were divorced.  In that wasn't the end of the bad news as a few years later Martha was diagnoses with Muscular Distraphy and was deemed disabled.
     But today Martha is a devoted woman of God that will no allow a disability keep her from living a life in service to God

My GrandFather: Pablo Acosta
My GrandMother: Mirta Yanes




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